Sludge Removal & Dewatering

Reduce your Desludging Costs and Environmental Impact!

Sediment Patterning / Sludge Surveying

Wastewater Pond Sludge Surveying and Analysis

On-site Consultancy Services

Understanding the root cause of any problem and how it affects the treatment process is essential in troubleshooting.

Aeration & Mixing

Energy-efficient wastewater aeration and mixing with patented Double Bubble Technology.

Odour & Hydrogen Sulphide

Biological intervention to prevent corrosion, odour producing compounds + odour neutralisers for when it's too late!

Filaments & Foaming

Solutions for Curing and also Preventing Foam Causing Filaments.

Nitrogen Removal

Improve Nitrification in your Wastewater Treatment System

Fat & Grease

Powerful Solutions for Fat & Grease Control

Farm Effluent Management & Soil & Crop Enhancement Products

Biostack is the ideal solution for improving farm effluent
Quantum is the ideal solution for crop and soil enhancement