Site Assessments

Our experience of dealing with a range of effluent system designs including conceptual and trial systems has resulted in a deep understanding of how they work and the causes and effects of any inherent problems.

Our focus is on providing you with realistic treatment options that are affordable and sustainable for the environment, the community and of course your business.  After a site assessment has been undertaken, Parklink will provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis report with recommendations to address any issues.

Onsite Installations

We have a dedicated site services team that is fully trained in all aspects of site work relative to equipment installations and pipework for pond treatments.

Health and safety is of paramount importance to us.  We adhere to strict safety procedures in order to protect our staff and our clients.  Our track record speaks for itself; in 15 years of carrying out work in and around effluent treatment sites, Parklink has maintained a zero-harm accident record.

“The achievements exceeded our expectations to such an extent that Council agreed to utilise the process in a further three ponds. We found Parklink to be focused and managed the process very well. The wastewater treatment process has constantly improved throughout the whole digestion process.”

Viv Eyberg ~ South Taranaki District Council


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