Residential Lakes and Pond Treatment

The Natural Solution for Cleaning Your Pond or Lake

Bring your water back to swimmable quality with Parklink’s Clensaqua Pond and Lake Treatment Kit. Pond Cleaning in New Zealand.

  • Improves water clarity and eliminates foul odours
  • Digests organic sludge
  • Eliminates scum and mats

Contamination of water features is often caused by a lack of aeration and water flow. Nutrients build up resulting in dirty, smelly water.

Murky pond full of planktonic algae.


Transformed naturally by our algae remover, Clensaqua. Beautiful clear lake water that is perfectly safe for swimming and fish life.

Regular maintenance with Clensaqua stops the nasties

  • Algae problems happen when you have a combination of water, sun, nitrogen, and phosphorous.
  • This unwelcome plant life is unsightly and depletes the pond’s valuable oxygen.

How Clensaqua helps with algae control

The live bacteria in Clensaqua compete with the algae for nitrogen and phosphorous, removing excess algal growth and restoring the pond’s natural balance.

  • Almost all ponds have sludge build up – it’s the organic sediment at the bottom of the pond.
  • The pond may have plenty of oxygen at the top, but in the sludge at the bottom there’s very little.
  • Disease and odour-causing ‘anaerobic bacteria’ live in this sludge.

How Clensaqua helps
Clensaqua digests the sludge at the bottom of the pond, reducing risk of fish disease and eliminating foul odours.

Choose Parklink for your pond & lake treatment services

Cleaning and maintaining the health of your pond is so important. Parklink has a pond cleaning service and we can travel across New Zealand to bring your pond back to life. If you need to clean your lake, there are many lake water treatment systems available, but we pride ourselves on providing the best lake treatment in New Zealand. Don’t take our word for it, call us today and check out our multitude of case studies.

Every pond and lake is different

Talk to us about the most effective solution for your lake or pond in New Zealand.