PL-SA is a highly active microbial accelerator that is designed specifically to speed the biological oxidation process of slow to degrade organic matter in farm manure ponds and wastewater retention tanks.
PL-SA has shown to enhance the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic waste solids by as much as 80% over historic system performance.
PL-SA contains only active natural organic based humates and humic constituents. These natural reactive compounds consist of most, if not all the biological compounds synthesized by living organisms, including plants. Humus is known to include a broad spectrum of organic constituents, many of which have their counterparts in biological tissue. These natural compounds have shown to significantly speed the microbial response to difficult to degrade organic matter. This enhanced microbial response has resulted in significant reduction in sludge volumes via the rapid oxidation of many non-biodegradables and slow to degrade organic compounds.

PL-SA promotes enhanced (rapid) microbial oxidation of waste matter, significantly increasing organic degradation performance. This novel microbial accelerator is to be used in conjunction with PL-IND to improve overall system performance in all types of effluent processes. This combination speeds the overall biological oxidation of BOD, COD and sludge accumulations such as difficult to degrade compounds, fatty acids, hydrocarbons and fibrous matter.

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