PL-IND is a highly active, unique liquid consortium of bacteria, archaea, and nutrients designed to biologically enhance farm effluent and industrial wastewater treatment systems.Unique in the industry, PL-IND contains a blend of 29 selected microorganisms with a specification of 387/450 million microorganisms/ml. PL-IND accelerates the biological oxidation of slow to degrade organic matter in aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment systems such as effluent lagoons and wastewater retention tanks.PL-IND select cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types and designs of biological wastewater treatment systems.  The selectively adapted cultures resist high concentrations of inhibitory constituents, improve system performance, reduce system upsets and biomass kills common to industrial and municipal wastewater systems. To learn more click here

Key Benefits. 

– Reduces pond crusting
– Maintains pond capacity
– Improves the nutrient value of pond effluent
– Reduces odour
– Enables grazing sooner after spreading
– Improves soil biological health