Dyofix Pond Blue Powder (100g)


Dyofix Pond Blue Powder (100gm)

Dyofix Products are formulated for use in the smallest garden pond to the largest of lakes. Manufactured using the highest quality colours rigorously tested to European Food Additive Standards.
Coloured Water filters light, disrupting the process of photosynthesis resulting in submerged weeds and algae being unable to grow.
Completely free of pesticides, algaecides

Each sachet treats 1,000,000 litres. (based on the minimum dosage to inhibit algae growth)

How does it work?
Algae and weeds require sunlight to grow. Dyofix modifies the water column so red spectrum wavelengths are partly blocked. This interrupts the photosynthesis process thereby restricting submerged algae and weeds from growing.
Aesthetically enhances the colour of the water. Hides unsightly features at the bottom of the pond.
Dosage Calculation:
Calculate the volume of water in the pond:
Width (meters) x Length (m) x Depth (m) x 1,000 = Litres

Additional sachets can be added to darken the water further
You cannot overdose.
Wear gloves when handling. Do not open the sachet or touch the powder. Place the soluble sachet in the middle of the pond and let it dissolve.

Maintenance Top Ups:
A general starting guide is 10% of the original dose each month.

Health & Safety:
Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact of the powder. Do not use in or near potable (drinking) water. Wash any contaminated clothing separately.

In its diluted form, Dyofix is SAFE for all aquatic creatures and for livestock to drink.