Dyofix Blue SGP (300ml)


Treats 100,000L of Pond Water
SGP Shadow 100 is a natural look dye that controls algae and submerged aquatic weeds
300ml bottle will treat 100,000L of pond water

SGP Shadow natural look pond dye has proved very popular with gardeners that wish to treat their pond water with an eco-friendly algae control product, without a tint of colour.

Both the liquid and soluble powder sachets of natural look pond dye will disperse freely in your pond, controlling the amount of sunlight penetrating your pond water to inhibit the resources available to algae and submerged aquatic weeds.

Manual algae prevention can be time consuming which is not always practical for weekend gardeners. Our natural look pond dye is easy to apply, creating a natural looking ‘twilight effect’ that regulates your pond’s ecosystem to the benefit of pond life, fish and plants.