Septic Tank Cleaning & Maintenance in NZ

Most people forget about septic tank cleaning until it is time for a pump out or it already smells bad. In general, most people pump out every 1 to 3 years.

We recommend using Greasemint to control fat, grease and odour. The best septic tank cleaning in Auckland, Wellington and across New Zealand.

What is Greasemint? How does it help with septic tank cleaning?

Greasemint has been designed to continually release powerful fat and scum digesting bacteria. Fat and grease in any waste streams accumulate as the waste cools. Fat deposits become very sticky and quickly build to a size that reduces grease trap efficiencies plus upsets the function of pump switch gear. These deposits are also responsible for the production of dangerous and corrosive gasses.

How do you know when it is time to pump out? Most people pump out when they notice a rotten egg odour coming from vents or the drain field or their local septic pumper suggests a pump out due to a large build-up of solids.

When excess solids build up in a septic tank, it is surely time for a pump out but if you are pumping out too often, you are just wasting money. The Greasemint’s bacteria digest fat and grease at a maximum rate, restoring any septic tank to peak efficiency. This means that the pump out rate, especially in sluggish tanks, will be dramatically reduced, saving you money.

Greasemint will also purge the drain field of grease blockages. This is like a pump out of your drain field, without the cost of excavation and replacement. The purging of the drain field means less puddling, reduced odours, and free-flow through your system. Using Greasemint gives the benefit of a pump out, at a small fraction of the cost and makes septic tank cleaning a breeze!


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We can do septic tank cleaning across New Zealand, including Auckland & Christchurch. A sewage treatment service that works.

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