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Over the last 15 years, rivers in New Zealand have been monitored for water quality, and evidence suggests that nutrient levels are increasing that can have a detrimental effect on our river ecosystems. In areas that have extended agricultural and urban land use, water quality is deteriorating. These rivers and streams have elevated levels of faecal and nutrient pollution. Also, groundwater becomes unsafe for drinking with increased levels of nitrates and bacteria.

Onsite water systems such as septic tanks make a significant contribution to water quality decline, especially in areas where there are many septic tanks or very sensitive environments. Not only does partially treated effluent water cause harm to the environment, but it can also be a health risk to those who have direct contact with the water, like children playing near the system. The effects are usually gastrointestinal issues, but viruses and parasites can ultimately develop into severe health conditions.

In some areas, 20 percent of homes use septic tanks for effluent water treatment in New Zealand. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the importance of maintaining the septic system, and some don’t even realise their effluent water is treated on site until a problem arises. Don’t let this happen to you. Parklink recommends using Greasemint to control fat, grease, and odour. Greasemint continually releases bacteria that digests fat and scum, keeping it from building up and becoming a problem. Using Greasemint regularly can reduce costs because you won’t have to pump your system out as often. Don’t wait until your septic system smells or backs up and needs pumping. Be proactive in effluent treatment.

Natural Pond and Lake Treatment in Addition to Effluent Water Treatment in New Zealand

Parklink offers effluent treatment in New Zealand, but we also treat ponds and lakes. These bodies of water are treated to improve aesthetics, protect the health of inhabiting fish or wildlife, and protect the health of recreational users. If you are a farmer, retailer or block owner and have a lake or pond on your property, we can treat it using natural, cost effective measures that won’t pose any threat to the environment or the fish and wildlife inhabiting it.

Our treatment programmes will bio-degrade material efficiently and safely without having any adverse effect on the environment. We use only natural solutions that are nontoxic in lakes and ponds because we care about the water quality, the environment, and the people of New Zealand.

Check Your Pond Today

A pond treatment consists of adding products to your pond that will improve water quality, reduce or get rid of odours, and either decrease or eliminate sludge. You can go to the “Check Your Pond” tab on our website and fill out the form, providing us with details about your pond. From there we can help you spot potential problems and get you set up with a treatment programme.

Parklink specialises in biological treatments that are environmentally friendly for freshwater lakes, ponds, dams and wastewater facilities. We have solutions for sludge management, algae control, water clarity, Nitrogen reduction and fat & grease control. Call us today for your water treatment needs.