Waverley Pond

Waverley Pond


Type and size: Primary oxidation pond 2.1ha.
Average Flow: No flow data available.

This pond receives standard municipal waste from Waverley.

Depth: The depths vary between 1.0m and 1.8.m with sections having deep areas of accumulated solids.

Total pond volume: 26,486m³
Total sludge volume before treatment: 12,952m2

Sludge samples showed a high presence of grit (inorganics) of which the AMD treatment would have no effect.

The Results

The pond was desludged using AMD over 18 months from August 2013 to November 2014.
Sludge volume removed: 4,940m³
Average removal rate of 308m³ per month.

Taking into account the stratification in sludge density layers this equates to the removal of approximately 236,000kg’s of dry mass. During traditional extraction methods, sludge is normally de watered to about 20% solids which is a state acceptable to landfill. 236m³ of dry mass equates to 1,180m³ at 20% solids. 1,180m³ is approximately 80 truck and trailer loads of material.

Estimated Councils Budget for this Job:
$245,000 over 2 months
Costs using AMD: $156,000 over 16 months
Savings: $89,000
Approximate cost of dry solids removed using conventional methods: $1.04/Kg
Cost of dry solids removed using AMD: $0.66/Kg